These are some of the projects I've created myself or been involved in.

  • Subnetter Pro
  • Nantucket Pond Coalition
  • Yard Service Experts

Subnetter Pro


Subnetter Pro is a project I created to assist network engineers in the creation of new computer networks. This tool works by segmenting the network into smaller pieces called subnets which can be applied individually to LANs. This allows for more efficient communication between computers and is the basis for many other devices and protocols like firewalls, VPNs and NATs.

This project gave me the opportunity to combine my programming and networking skills into a usable piece of web software. This is a good example of a web app and how that might differ from a full fledged website.

Nantucket Pond Coalition


The Nantucket Pond Coalition is a conservation group on Nantucket Island dedicated to protecting and restoring the ponds on the island.

We provide full website services for them including Website Design, Webmaster Service and Website Hosting

Yard Service Experts


Yard Service Experts is a landscaping company in Rhode Island.

I was a member of the team that redesigned their website to give them an entirely new look.